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The Dallas Geophysical Society

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Thursday, March 26 - Bill Dragoset - Data Acquisition and Processing Challenges for Data-Driven...

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Monday, May 4 - DGGS Golf Tournament at The Tribute & Old American


As of December 2014, The Dallas Geophysical Society website has lost functionality due to a large number of ongoing DDoS attacks. The Board of Directors is working with our current provider to return the site to working order as quickly as possible, as well as exploring options to move to another platform. We apologize for the inconveniences, including our inability to send e-blasts, update webpages/navigation, and other membership related issues. Please know that we will communicate updates and changes as soon as possible. Please spread the word in our stead.

Comments from our President

February 1, 2015

I must say, that I was totally delighted at the surprise success of our meeting on Thursday January 22. I called this the meeting of the faithful. As you are undoubtedly aware, we have had some serious website problems, and the problems will continue until we make some major software changes. This will be the focus of the Board of Directors and the Website Committee over the next few weeks. We became painfully aware how totally dependent we are on the website. The current problem is the ability to send out announcements.

With the repair of the website as priority one, priority number two is a slate of officers for the following year. Our fiscal year is from June 1 to May 31 of the following year. The schedule for this process is to announce a slate of officer candidates at the meeting in March. The voting happens in April, and the new slate of officers is announced at the annual meeting in May. My request at this time is for any volunteers for positions on the board of Directors, or for that matter for Committee positions to identify themselves. As the current President Elect, Sarah Reed is the contact person. This whole process is very well documented on our website. The website was working the last time I checked (other than our ability to send out messages).

Our next meeting is on Tuesday February 10, which will be hosted by the Dallas Geological Society. The sign-up for this is handled through their website at dgs.org. The topic is “The Ouachita Orogenic Belt”, offered by Randy Keller from the University of Oklahoma.

See you at Brookhaven on Tuesday February 10.
Don Macpherson

Don Macpherson
President 2014-2015
Dallas Geophysical Society



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