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The Dallas Geophysical Society

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Thursday, September 18 - Glenn Winters - Obstacles and Pitfalls of the Everyday Interpreter...
Thursday, October 14 - Aria Abubakar - Joint Inversion of Multiphysics Data for Petrophysical...
Thursday, November 18 - Matthew McChesney and Beau Tinnin - Multi-Source Data Integration...

Comments from our President

September 1, 2014

After a short jog this morning, I came to the conclusion that summer isn’t exactly over. We are however starting our fall program with our first regular meeting on September 18. I look forward to seeing you all again, and participating in such a valuable exchange of experience in a climate of such rapidly changing technology.

The speaker for our September 18 meeting is Glen Winters who is the Chief Geophysicist with Fasker Oil and Ranch Ltd. The outline mentions inversion, coherency, and bandwidth, but all it has to say to get our attention is the Eagle Ford shale.

The membership party last week was a great success, and will certainly be an annual event. Again, the idea of strong communication with the Geological Society is a high priority, and it get’s great support from the YP group. The SEG convention in Denver will be held October 26 to 31. From years past, we have found that Denver is a wonderful location for a convention, and I look forward to it. One of the SEG’s most important contributions is the Continuing Education Program. The week includes a sequence of topical courses in association with the convention on Saturday and Sunday that have become a mandatory participation event for me.

I note that the SEG topic list still includes topics like reverse time migration, full wave inversion, and seismic attributes, mostly twelve more ways of displaying curvature. There is quite a few papers on geostatistics and stochastic inversion. However, I notice that unconventional resourses and fracking have been added to the list.

So the technology advances, and we try our best to keep up with it. See you on September 13th.

Don Macpherson
2014-2015 President
Dallas Geophysical Society



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