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The Dallas Geophysical Society

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As of December 2014, The Dallas Geophysical Society website has lost functionality due to a large number of ongoing DDoS attacks. The Board of Directors is working with our current provider to return the site to working order as quickly as possible, as well as exploring options to move to another platform. We apologize for the inconveniences, including our inability to send e-blasts, update webpages/navigation, and other membership related issues. Please know that we will communicate updates and changes as soon as possible. Please spread the word in our stead.

Comments from our President

January 1, 2015

Greetings and best wishes to you all for 2015.

As expected, the Holiday Party at the Dallas Aquarium was a delight, thanks to a considerable effort on the part of the organizers and sponsors. I would like to recognize the immense amount of work that Julie Owen, our Second Vice President put into the Holiday event. Her counterpart with the Dallas Geological Society was Don Bailey. Both have to be congratulated. In these tight times, sponsorship is no small undertaking, but a considerable number of companies did want to be represented for which we are very appreciative.

Again, I thank everyone who contributed to the Holiday event. Of course this leaves us with a challenge for the year to come. The last few year’s events have been so successful that the challenge is to at least duplicate the success of those events. No small task for the members of the incoming Board of Directors.

To start the season of meeting for 2015, we will be at Brookhaven College on January 22. Note that this a week later than our usual meeting due to some organizational activity at Brookhaven. The February meeting is a joint meeting with the Dallas Geological Society that will be on February 10th. Check the calendar on line at our website for these dates and programs.

We have established good communication with the Geological Society, and plans for both the Crawfish Boil and the Golf Tournament are underway. From a personal point of view, I would like both of our Societies to put a lot of emphasis on supporting the activities of the Young Professional Group. This topic is on the agenda for the next joint Board of Directors meeting that will be held in January.

With the Holidays over we look forward to Society activities for 2015. Erin Medina, our First Vice-President, has a program of speakers organized for the following months, but she certainly welcomes any input in terms of “hot topics” or outstanding speakers that you have encountered.

See you at Brookhaven on Thursday January 22.

Happy Hunting for 2015. Don Macpherson

Don Macpherson
President 2014-2015
Dallas Geophysical Society



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