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Dallas Geophysical Society
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The Dallas Geophysical Society

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Upcoming Luncheons:
Thursday, September 18 - Glenn Winters - Obstacles and Pitfalls of the Everyday Interpreter...
Thursday, October 14 - Aria Abubakar - Joint Inversion of Multiphysics Data for Petrophysical...
Thursday, November 18 - Matthew McChesney and Beau Tinnin - Multi-Source Data Integration...

Upcoming Events:
Thursday, August 28 - 2014 Joint DGGS Icebreaker at The Social House in Addison

Comments from our President

August 1, 2014

The fall sessions of the Dallas Geophysical Society will begin with a meeting on September 18th, and needless to say, the Board of Directors has been very active to get this underway. The details of the talk by Glenn Winters, who is the Chief Geophysicist at Fasken Oil & Ranch Ltd is on our website in considerable detail. All the outline has to do is to mention the Eagleford Shale to get everyone’s attention. Attendance at these meetings is always the measure of success so we would like to make this a great start to the year.

As we have done in years past, the lunch will be free to anyone who has signed up for membership for 2014 - 2015. We have had a number of membership blasts, and will accept membership payments at the door on September 18.

During the last season, we did a survey as to presentation preferences. The top preference was the case history format, and so we start the season with that idea in mind.

It is definitely not to early to mention our agreement with the Geological Society on our December Holiday Party. This will be held at the Dallas Aquarium on Thursday December 11. I must say that the last year’s party will be pretty hard to beat but we will try.

Again, I would like to emphasize our support for the Young Professional organization. Also, the communication with the Geological Society is another priority.

I do have an administrative request. Dillon LaFoy has done an excellent job of keeping our website in order, but we would really like to get him some help. The kind of involvement that we are looking for here is from someone that would be willing to take over the website in the year to come.

Many thanks for your memberships, suggestions and participation.

Don Macpherson
2014-2015 President
Dallas Geophysical Society



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