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The Dallas Geophysical Society

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Comments from our President

October 1, 2014

I think we were all totally delighted at the participation for the September 18th luncheon meeting. This was a really great way to start our year. The speaker was very good, with boundless energy, and the topic was very well received. As I say, mention the Eagleford Shale and the participation will always be very good. It is also interesting to note that the hits on our website have gone way up in the last month.

I hope this sets the tone for the meetings to come in the following year. We find ourselves in a climate of such rapidly changing technology, and are faced with the challenge of how to integrate the new technology with our interpretations and estimations of prospectivity. We will be looking for talks in the year to come that focus on the applicability of technology.

I was very pleased to re-introduce the Board of Directors for the coming year. These are the people that are really doing the work. The challenge here is to make the following year at least as successful as the previous year, both technically and socially.

A group from the Geophysical Society and the Geological Society toured the Dallas Aquarium last week in preparation for the December 11 Holiday Party. The reports were very good as a venue for that event. Again, it will be a challenge to top last year’s event at the Perot Museum.

So I look forward for the 2104 -2015 season. We will do anything that we can to encourage membership in our Society and participation in the monthly meetings.

The Board of Directors would make one more plea for communication from the membership, in terms of feedback, suggestions, request etc. to serve our membership as efficiently as possible. The communication links are available on our website.

Note that the next meeting will be at the Denbury office on Legacy Drive
, and will have Aria Abubakar who is an Honorary Lecturer from the SEG as a speaker. The details for this event, and the sign-up is available on our website.

All the best,
Don Macpherson

Don Macpherson
President 2014-2015
Dallas Geophysical Society



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